Day 2: The Kairos Document

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“This journey never ends and all your experiences with Palestinians will contribute to justice, I see this time as the time to take prophetic actions and not play the Christian shallow Diplomacy. We are not passive we are active and we are asking you to take part” (Nidal abu Zuluf, 2018).

He further states that, this global movement is not a dancing playing movement, it is a movement that is supposed to bring change.

The day started off with the briefing of the Kairos Document. This document is a response from Christian Palestinians. More than 80 groups worldwide affiliate to this document. The briefing was very thought provoking as it emphasised on the need for youths and churches to play a critical role in putting pressure on the Israeli government. The narrative of the Israeli-Palestine conflict must be reviewed if it is still occupation or it has rather evolved into an apartheid or another form of colonisation? However, having in mind that the conflict is not about religion but political.

Bethlehem University

After the briefing we had the opportunity to visit the Bethlehem University and talk to students and gain an understanding of their student life experiences and how some of their academic freedoms are violated. One of the major barriers heighted was the issue of mobility and having to pass through several checkpoints. After hearing these devastating student experiences, it was interesting to note how the lectures had adapted to using technological facilities to offer lectures to students using YouTube after realising that some students tend to miss their studies as they spend most of their time trying to negotiate their movement within the Israeli-Palestine boarders. However, the struggle for students in the West Bank remain a challenge as, students are still not allowed to pursue studies in pure physics as they are recognised as a threat to the Israeli Government. As if that is not enough the curriculum for Palestinian students is approved by the Israeli government.

The Apartheid Wall

Seeing the wall and the fence was the most depressing activity of the day. It was emotionally breaking seeing how the Israeli government portrays Palestinians in the media. Palestinians have been evicted from their lands, forced to move, they have been killed, their fields have been occupied and apart from all that the main message l noticed on the walls on the Palestinian side was PEACE and LOVE. As the SCM Norway we managed to also put our solidarity message of peace on the wall.

We believe that “occupation is a sin against humanity and God.”

Occupation is  sin against humanity and God.

By: Luwiza Makosa