Day 7: Tour to historical sites

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We had the opportunity to climb the mountain of Temptation. Mount of Temptation is where Jesus was tempted by the Devil. The Mount of Temptation is said to be the hill in the Judea Desert where according to Luke (4:1-13) and Matthew (4: 1-11)) Jesus was tempted by the devil.

During the tour we were informed that the biblical Mount of Temptation is generally identified with Mount Quarantania, a mountain approximately 3 km (1.9 mi) north-west of the town of Jericho. The name Quarantania is a mispronunciation of the Latin word Quarentena, meaning 40, the number of days in Jesus’ fast. This period of fasting became the model for the practice of Lent in Christian churches which end before Easter Sunday. At the South summit of the Monastery inside a chapel at a higher point on the mountain there is a stone on which according to the gospel of Matthew, Jesus sat as the Satan offered him all the kingdoms of the world in return for worshiping the devil.

YWCA Jericho

We were graced to meet the director and some women working in YWCA Jericho. The women Christian centre creates opportunities for women to be economically empowered through a catering business and selling dried vegetables and honey among other activities.


We went to the Sycamore tree where Zacchaeus climbed to see Jesus and was called by Jesus to take him to his house. We also went to the river Jordan where Jesus was baptized. Again, it was a biblical historical site.


By: Luwiza Makosa