Felles bønn for Japan

Bønn for Japan

«Please join us in our prayers for our brothers and sisters in
the Student Christian Movement of Japan and all the people of
Japan.» inviterer Verdensforbundet.


Solidarity prayer to the National Ecumenical Team of Japan


We lift to you oh Lord the thousands of people who have been
greatly affected by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on
the afternoon of March 11, 2011. As we are still awaiting the
updates on the extent of damages to property and lives, we seek
your grace to provide an understanding heart amidst this dark
time to those who are directly affected by this disaster
particularly the most vulnerable sectors in the community: the
women, the ageing population, the children and the poor.

We sympathize with our ecumenical partners and their
constituents, our ecumenical friends and the entire nation of
Japan who are now facing the severe destruction to property, and
the loss of lives.  We lift to you in thanksgiving the people who
have immediately responded to save lives through the emergency
and relief operations they put in place.  We seek your grace to
those who have a compassionate commitment to work, to volunteer
and to reach out the affected communities as a source of strength
to the people.

We are one with you in prayers…
… as we seek God’s mercy and strength in the midst of these
difficulties and challenges;…as we call upon the Almighty’s
loving kindness in sending the much needed help for the
afflicted; …and as we ask for a healing heart to those who are