Join the SCM!

  • Ordinary membership is open to anyone below the age of 34 that agrees with SCMs purposes. This costs 50,- NOK the first year and 100,- NOK following years. Provides you with full democratic rights within the organization.

    “Senior Friends” are associate members for anyone beyond the age of 34 that still wants to support the SCM. Provides you with no democratic rights within the organization, but you will receive our membership magazine AKT, and news and updates about what the SCM is doing.
  • You can pay the membership fee in cash to the person who recruited you, or you can transfer the amount to bank account 3000.17.18602 or by Vipps number 103444.
  • All members and senior friends will receive our membership magazine AKT once or twice a year.

    We also distribute an online newsletter with information about our work 4-5 times a year.

    In addition, we will sometimes send emails with invitations to national or local events.

    You decide what kind of information you receive from us. If you want to reserve yourself against any of the information we distribute, you can do that here.

    You can contact us on at any time if you want to change your choices.

All personal information are meant for internal use only. The information will be stored in our encrypted database and will not be shared with anyone outside the organisation. When the membership ends, we will delete the information.