Student Christian Movement in Norway

Student Christian Movement in Norway (SCM Norway) is the oldest Christian student organization in Norway. Since 1899, we have been an innovative and progressive student community. We are a liberating alternative to many other Christian environments.

SCM Norway is student-led and democratic, with space for broad involvement in a diverse membership. Most of our activities happen in the local SCMs, which exist all over Norway. In SCM, the road from idea to action is a short one. We have several annual gatherings where SCMers from all over the country meet to socialize and work on important issues.

Broad involvement
Our preamble states we shall gather students to «work for the Kingdom of God, through worship and through social, political and cultural tasks, to a concerted effort for peace, justice and equality».

This work has many outlets, and SCMers have a broad involvement. To us, our contributions to the climate cause, the peace movement, for international solidarity or the fight against racism or poverty, are an expression of a concerted effort for the Kingdom of God.

SCM Norway is fighting for a free Palestine.

We work closely with our Palestinian sister organization Palestine Youth Ecumenical Movement, through annual student exchange programs between the organizations and other action. We also have a solidarity project with a women’s center in Abu Dis in the West Bank.

We support the the global movement for a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

We work to make the Palestinian Kairos document, a document of resistance from Palestinian Christians, known in Norway.

Gender justice
We believe in a liberating God whom through the radical love of Jesus teaches us to show solidarity and to fight for equality. Therefore, the work for gender justice is important to us.

We see gender justice as the struggle for justice for both women and men, and for everyone who is not comfortable within the traditional gender categories. For more than 40 years, we have been at the forefront of the battle for LGBTQ people’s place and rights within church and society.

We are actively involved in the Pride movement, we throw thematic meetings and debates, we campaign for progressive candidates in church elections, and we are fighting discriminatory practices within the church.

Meeting space and community
In SCM Norway you will meet a diverse student community for parties, worships, meals, meetings, cabin trips, political debates or discussions about faith and doubt.

We gather to a community around the communion table, behind the banners on 1st of May, 8th of March or Pride, and in the companionship that occurs over a supper or a beer. We also have student collective houses and meeting facilities in several cities.

SCM Norway is ecumenical (cross-denominational) and is a member of World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), which has national student movements in close to 100 countries all over the world. International solidarity and ecumenical cooperation is an important part of our work.