Welcome to the SCM Weekend 2017!

Welcome to the social highlight of the year in SCM Norway! All you need to know about The SCM Weekend 2017 is right here.

About The SCM Weekend 2017





Practical information

The SCM Weekend (“Forbundshelga”) is the social highlight of the year in SCM Norway. This year it is held October 6th-8th. True to tradition, it takes place at SCM’s old smallholding collective Haugtun in Aust-Torpa, Oppland.

The main topic for this years SCM Weekend is “Reformations of today”. Through conversations and workshops we will seek to discover which “reformations” we face today, and how they challenge us as individuals, christians and as an ecumenical community. In addition, there will of course be services, parties, good food, good company, opportunities for hikes in beautiful rural surroundings, bonfires, games and everything else that makes for a classic SCM Weekend.

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From Oslo:
Friday October 6th: Bus to Haugtun departs from the SCM House in Universitetsgata 20 at 4:30pm.
Sunday October 8th: Bus from Haugtun arrives at Universitetsgata 20 around 7pm.

From Bergen:
Friday October 6th: Flight from Bergen Airport Flesland 3pm or 4:20pm. The bus will pick you up at Oslo Airport Gardermoen at 6pm.
Sunday October 8th: Bus from Haugtun. Flight from Oslo Airport Gardermoen 6:45pm, 7pm, 7:40pm or 8:20pm.

From Stavanger:
Friday October 6th: 
Flight from Stavanger Airport Sola 3pm or 4:30pm. The bus will pick you up at Oslo Airport Gardermoen at 6pm.
Sunday October 8th: Bus from Haugtun. Flight from Oslo Airport Gardermoen 7:15pm or 8:45pm.

From Tromsø:
Friday October 6th: 
Flight from Tromsø Airport Langnes at 10:50am. Bus to Haugtun departs from the SCM House in Universitetsgata 20, Oslo at 4:30pm.
(There will be arrangements for participants from Tromsø in Oslo in the time between arrival and departure Oslo).
Sunday October 8th: Bus from Haugtun. Flight from Oslo Airport Gardermoen at 9:05pm or 10pm.

From Trondheim:
Friday October 6th:
Train from Trondheim Central Station (to Lillehammer) 3:30pm. The bus to Haugtun will pick you up on arrival Lillehammer.
Sunday October 8th: Bus from Haugtun. Train from Lillehammer at 4:10pm.

From other places:
We will find the best way to get you on the bus to Haugtun from Oslo 4:30pm, Oslo Airport Gardermoen 6pm or Lillehammer 8pm!

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The fee for the weekend is NOK 200,- for SCM members. This covers travel, stay and food for all member of SCM Norway. You must have paid your membership for 2017 to qualify for this (It’s ok to include pay for membership when you pay for the SCM Weekend, membership costs NOK 50,- the first year and NOK 100,- following years).

You can pay your participation fee to account number 3000.17.18602, or by Vipps to 103444. Please label the payment “SCM Weekend”. If you are paying for both participation and your SCM membership, please label the payment “SCM Weekend + Membership”

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To register, send an email to post@forbundet.no or fill out this form.

Deadline for registration is September 22nd (or September 8th to get the early bird price).

You are registered when you have sent us an email AND paid the fee for the weekend.

If you register by email, please let us know when you are born (for ticket orders), if you are vegetarian or vegan, if you have allergies or other things we should take into consideration when planning the weekend. Please also remember to let us know where you are travelling from!

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Friday 6th:
16:30 Attendance at Universitetsgata 20
17:00 Bus Departure from Oslo
18:00 Departure from Oslo airport Gardermoen
20:00 Departure from Lille
20:30 Arrival at Haugtun
21:00 Supper
22:00 Ice breakers
23:00 Evening prayer
23:15 Sleep or leisure time

Saturday 7th:
08:30 Breakfast
09:30 Morning prayer
10:30 Panel talk: “Reformations today”
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Parallell workshops
15:00 Break
15:30 Parallell workshops
17:00 Break and snack
17:30 Leisure time/outdoors activities
19:00 Dinner

Sunday 8th:
09:00 Breakfast
11:00 Church Service
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Cleaning, packing
14:45 Departure Haugtun
16:00 Arrival Lillehammer
18:00 Arrival Oslo Airport Gardermoen
19:00 Arrival Universitetsgata 20

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Practical information
Haugtun is located a bit off the beaten track, and there is not scheduled time to search for a Supermarket. So remember to bring everything you need with you!

Indoors and outdoors clothing
Good outdoor shoes
Slippers/pair of warm socks
Pen and paper
Snacks, tobacco, beverages
Bible (if you can)
Travel reciepts (if any)

If you have any questions, please contact the General Secretary of SCM Norway, Torkil Hvidsten, at post@forbundet.no

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